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Repashy SuperCal MeD


Repashy Superfoods SuperCal MeD


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Micro Fine Calcium Supplement with Medium Levels of Vitamin D.

For Species with Normal Vitamin D Requirements.

Receiving little UVB Radiation from Natural or Artificial Sunlight. Also for Therapeutic Use.

DIRECTIONS: Dust insects by placing in a plastic bag and shaking lightly to coat insects with powder before feeding to animals. For supplementing fresh fruit and vegetables, use 1 heaping Teaspoon per Pound.

INFORMATION: Our Calcium Carbonate is mined from the Mohave Desert in California, where it was deposited 300 million years ago during the Mississippian Age as a large graveyard of marine animals. Our calcium is micro ground to an average size of 3.5 microns, and provides the ultimate “stick” when dusted onto insects.

INGREDIENTS: Calcium Carbonate, Vitamins: (Vitamin D Supplement). 

Guaranteed Analysis: Moisture max. 6%, Calcium min. 30%, Vitamin D 25,000 IU/lb.

Refrigeration will extend freshness


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