Gecko Pantry Just Hatch Incubation Media For Reptiles


Advanced Reptile Incubation Media.

Just Hatch has micro pockets in the granules,

absorbs large amounts of water and prolong the evaporation.

Suitable for most reptile species.

Just Hatch
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Place Just Hatch in water and soak for 10 - 15 minutes.  Rinse then strain in a sieve until water stops dripping. 

Fill incubation container at least one inch deep.  Make a small well in the media for your egg, deep enough so it doesn’t roll. 

Suitable for most reptile species and great for gecko eggs. Incubation time and temperature will vary by species type.  When the media turns lighter in colour its an indication its starting to dry.

Just Hatch has micro pockets in the granules therefore absorbs large amounts of water and prolongs the water evaporation.

Some eggs do not require as higher humidity so mixing the damp Just Hatch with a % of dry will acheive this.

The bigger the incubation tub the better. A few small whole on the tub will allow the air to circulate or air your tub every 1-2 weeks. 

Can be used again and again just boil and reuse once sterilized.

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